what to expect

TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING: After the initial inquiry/submission emails and signing of the NDA, we will talk through expectations and the process. At this time, we will decide the best plan to bring your story to life. If your story is already written, the process will be much faster than those that need assistance with crafting their story. Every author and every story is treated with the same respect and confidentiality. A detailed contract will list expectations for you, as an author, and us, as your publisher.

HYBRID PUBLISHING: Just as the name implies, Hybrid Publishing combines aspects of Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the Independent Publishing industry. The process starts the same as Traditional Publishing with the initial inquiry/submission emails and signing of the NDA, talking through expectations and the process. We will craft the scenario that is best for you and your story and tailor your contract to fit your needs.

SELF-PUBLISHING: When you come to us with your Self-Published project - whether in manuscript stage or already on sale, we will talk through your needs and present a proposal for all the services needed to reach your goals.

the publishing process

• NDA is signed when idea/manuscript is sent

• Call/meeting with author is set up

• Contracts are sent and signed

If story is written, story will go to editor/proofreader and cover design will begin (after short cover meeting)

If story is still being written, a meeting with a developmental editor may be arranged

If story will be ghostwritten, meetings will be set up to facilitate this process

• Deadline for release date is determined

• Cover is chosen and promotion begins

• Final edits are done and manuscript is proofread and approved by author

• Interior of the book is formatted and converted to eBook after author approval of interior pages

• Final book formats are sent to Print-On-Demand and promotion copies are ordered

• YOU ARE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR - Book is available online and select bookstores

• Promotion continues


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