The wrong ending...

I have struggled for days trying to come up with something to say that could ease the pain of such senseless terrorism but I have nothing but silence.

These victims, some who survived unspeakable horrors, had their lives cut short by unfathomable hatred.

My heart breaks for their families and friends but I urge them to keep alive the memories and stories of their loved ones. These stories must not die. We must tell their stories and the stories of all of our histories. Telling them as a reminder of what is good, what is not, and hopefully these stories can become a lesson to all who hear.

Never forget history–where we came from, what was fought for, what we must preserve. We are here to love and help because of our humanity not our color, religion, or gender.

Be kind. Be empathic. Be brave. Be you.

My Why...

Exactly two months ago, the W. Brand Publishing website launched. It is amazing where we are after such a short time–morphing into an even more useful outlet for writers and self-published authors. I am beyond excited about the projects we are working on and promoting. You’ll see those soon.

In the meantime, my intent was always to start this blog with my why–that thing that drove me to start a company in an already saturated publishing industry. Truly it is my love of the story–the lines formed from heart-baring emotion, the connection to the reader, and gorgeous typefaces (I would be lying if I didn’t admit to my love of type). In the our story segment on this site, you read about the inspiration of the company name–how after 21 years I still grieve my father’s lost stories. It is a sort of grieving that only paying-it-forward can quell. In some small way, he will live on through others’ stories if only because our authors now have the opportunity to tell them.

This is where my passion lies…to empower writers to find a voice that breaks down the barriers in the hearts and minds of readers who need to hear the message–to heal, to connect, to remind, to survive.

And now you know why