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A Daughter to Many Launches April 30

Nashville, Tennessee April 30, 2019 – A DAUGHTER TO MANY, a memoir by first-time author Kari E. Wiseman details her story of abandonment, incest, rebellion, and her journey to forgiveness.

Kari’s story opens with her adoption into a young family with an older boy and a younger boy who is disabled. While she was not the dream daughter that her new mother hoped for, she loved her nonetheless, and they had many good times as a family. Kari witnessed her mother becoming more distant, and it was during this time that Kari's father began to molest her repeatedly in her basement bedroom.

When Kari was 13, her parents decided to send her away to school. Although this was hard for her to accept, deep down, she knew this was her escape from the abuse. It was during the years she spent at Peniel Christian School that Kari was able to forgive her father and became a true believer in Christ.

Finally, on her own, Kari saw how God’s grace guided her to where she needed to be. After finding her husband, it became their shared mission to find her biological parents. It was an eye-opening journey of faith, courage, and forgiveness.

“Having known Kari for many years, I had no idea of her background–her story,” said JuLee Brand, Publisher/W. Brand Publishing, “Kari truly has had a remarkable journey and is testimony to the power of forgiveness.”


Loretto Thompson begins AN UNEXPECTED CODDIWOMPLE with W. Brand Publishing

W. Brand Publishing signs Thompson’s personal transformation story

Nashville, TN (April 18, 2019) – AN UNEXPECTED CODDIWOMPLE finds its home at W. Brand Publishing.

Thompson’s true story takes the reader on a journey from the U.S. to the U.K. through her father’s letters written during his tour of duty in WWII. She weaves these accounts into present day as she and her six siblings “meet” a father they never knew due to his unexpected death. The readers also meet the brave man, “Big Sundin,”  who piloted a perfect ditching which was the reason her father and the entire crew lived. Family, faith, duty, and transformation make this a love story that transcends generations.

“I’m still reeling at how in line this book is with our core values and mission,” said JuLee Brand-Publisher/W. Brand Publishing, “Loretto’s story complements and fills-in, vicariously, the stories I’ll never know about my dad and uncle. She has been in marketing her whole career so Loretto understands the fact that everything that happens after the book is written can deeply impact the success of the book. She put her entire being into this very personal story and it is truly an honor to join her on this journey through her father’s letters–living out this coddiwomple in real life. We know that this story will intrigue and touch readers of all ages. ”

“Entrusting a story as personal as AN UNEXPECTED CODDIWOMPLE to a stranger is akin to the feeling one gets when putting their child on the school bus for the first time. Fear and anxiety, collide with acceptance and the understanding of the need to advance to the next stage. Fortunately, I've been blessed and able to bypass all that,” explained Thompson, “From our first conversation through all the schedules and emails that followed, it was clear to me that JuLee cared for my story as much as I did, respecting both the integrity of my father's letters and my vision of how to bring his story to the world. She was never a stranger to me, and therefore I had no fear entrusting her with my story. The W. Brand approach to publishing has allowed me the freedom to apply my strengths, while at the same time provided their support and assistance when and where I needed it. JuLee's ability to systematically adjust and advance my project from draft to print has created the ideal synergy between author and publisher.”

AN UNEXPECTED CODDIWOMPLE is set to begin in presale the Tuesday after Father’s Day, June 18th and will be release August 6th.


Pigtails and Potter’s Field author, Kathleen M. Urquhart signs with W. Brand Publishing for Book Promotion and Television Rights

W. Brand Publishing officially seals promotion deal with fourth self-published author

Nashville, TN (April 17, 2019) – Kathleen M. Urquhart and W. Brand Publishing announced their partnership today for advanced book promotion of Urquhart’s PIGTAILS AND POTTER’S FIELD concentrating on television/film rights.

The book has excellent momentum and sales since its launch in September 2018, and now, W. Brand Publishing will seek new ventures between bookstores and various media outlets to take the book to the next level.

Urquhart explained her decision to sign with W. Brand Publishing, “I am thrilled to work with JuLee and W. Brand Publishing. I was fortunate in that I had a number of opportunities open to me, but I took to heart her self-professed passion: " empower writers to find a voice that breaks down the barriers in the hearts and minds of readers who need to hear the message–to heal, to connect, to remind, to survive.” Pigtails and Potter's Field needs this type of voice and heart. I am confident in the team's ability to take this very timely and relevant project to new and greater heights.

“I was intrigued from the very first chapter,” said JuLee Brand-Publisher/W. Brand Publishing, “Not only that but I was completely surprised by the plot twists Kathleen uses throughout the book. It takes a well-written book to fool me and PIGTAILS AND POTTER’S FIELD did just that. We have very big aspirations for this book.”


Four Colour Combat by Academic Historian Cord A. Scott Launches April 16

Nashville, TN (April 15, 2019) – FOUR COLOUR COMBAT - Canadian Forces in War Comics, by Cord A. Scott releases April 16, 2019.

Comic books transcend time and space. Regardless of one’s language or age, comic books transport the reader into the action through exciting four colour graphics. Centered around Canadian war stories within American comic books, the comics featured in this book present a unique spirit and play a colourful role in popular culture and history storytelling.

Scott’s additional historical commentary on the war effort gives the reader a preview and insight into stories about Canadian war heroes that many Americans have never heard. “While the American comic books dominated the overall North American market, comic book creators on both sides of the border recognize the gallantry of Canadian Armed Forces personnel from the start of the war in 1939,” Scott states in the book’s conclusion.

“This book has very special ties to our brand,” JuLee Brand-Publisher/W. Brand Publishing explains, “If you are familiar with our why and our creation story, you know that WWII stories are a passion of ours. When Cord came to us with his comics, it was an instant “YES” for us to publish his book. It was also a huge bonus that since I know Cord personally, having graduated from Magic City Campus a “few” years ago, I knew this would be a good collaboration.”

Books will be available for order on, and in select bookstores, libraries, and museum gift shops.


PURPOSE POWER by Alicia Bonner Ness to kick off ONBrand Books

Nashville, TN (March 12, 2019) – PURPOSE POWER, by Alicia Bonner Ness is available now in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle formats on

PURPOSE POWER inspires action. Whether starting a movement, while building a mission-driven brand, or rebranding an organization with a storied history, this book will inspire new possibilities. The Heptagon Method, a seven-step framework outlines the process of taking big ideas from ideology to action and reveals how to motivate allies to become advocates for the cause. This book clarifies the strategic sequence of action required to catalyze a movement.

Infused with instructive elements from the author’s heartfelt life story, PURPOSE POWER illustrates the incredible capacity of narrative to shake advocates, volunteers, and donors out of apathy into action. Stories lead us into a new perspective to clearly see what matters–to become champions of higher purpose. PURPOSE POWER offers a much-needed message of hope–failures are only learning experiences on the path to success.

“Alicia, a community organizer and brand activator, uses personal stories of success and failure to motivate with purpose,” JuLee Brand-Publisher/W. Brand Publishing explains, “We were so inspired by the message of her book that we started a new imprint for purpose-driven projects such as hers. Alicia is a passionate force, influencer, and movement-creator. We are looking forward to the response and action that will stem from this book.”

Alicia will be co-facilitating “How to Connect Across Ideological Differences” along with Drisana Hughes, member of the Serve America Movement and Zach Wamp, former Tennessee Republican member of Congress, during the March 29th - 2:15 pm session of Unrig Summit Nashville.

Rebecca Black /  author.  Photo by Payne Kolep

Rebecca Black / author. Photo by Payne Kolep

Facing the Elephants #1 in Women’s Health Free Kindle Downloads on Launch Day

Nashville, TN (February 14, 2019) FACING THE ELEPHANTS, a new memoir released February 12, 2019, by first-time author Rebecca Black ranked #1 in Women’s Health, #2 in Memoirs, #79 in Non-Fiction and #636 in overall.

“We are so proud of Rebecca and her story,” states JuLee Brand, Publisher/W. Brand Publishing, “Women’s health issues like hers are not openly talked about and we feel through this book and her platform, many women will be able to relate, be informed, and hopefully get the help they need.”

Rebecca will be at the Wheatmark booth for the Tucson Festival of Books March 2-3, 2019. She will be signing books and sharing her story.


W. Brand Publishing Releases First Book

Nashville, TN (February 12, 2019)–FACING THE ELEPHANTS, a new memoir released February 12, 2019, by first-time author Rebecca Black takes the reader on an emotional journey through health, relationships, childhood trauma, and elephants.

Her story starts as it appears to be ending, on the ER operating table–dying three times. Death is just the beginning of her health battles culminating with her diagnosis of having the BRCA gene. However, her physical health issues were only a part of her battle.

Health issues plagued Rebecca her adult life and compounded with bad romantic relationships and PTSD flashbacks from living through horrible childhood trauma. Her life was a roller coaster of health and emotional issues–she found the love of her life, only to be plagued again with the heaviness of life once more. When it seemed she would never be able to work a regular job again, she found a strong spiritual connection with a family of elephants while she volunteered at the zoo. It was the peace and love she felt through the attachment to this “family,” coupled with finding the right psychiatrist that has put her in a place of rebirth today.

JuLee Brand, Publisher of W. Brand Publishing’s debut book, adds, “Rebecca’s transparent, vivid storytelling of her trauma, health, and mental issues gives hope to others going through dark periods of their lives. She is a brave woman–a previvor of cancer, a survivor of childhood abuse. Her strength and warrior-like approach to life is an inspiration.”

Click here to purchase.


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Our W. Brand Publishing Crowdfunding Campaign is officially live on @iFundWomen. We are raising $75,000 to publish and promote writers who have positive stories that may be overlooked by traditional publishers. As a female entrepreneur of a women-owned company, my team and I are so excited to raise money for our business on a platform that supports women. We only have until January 4 to reach our goal so the clock is ticking. Please consider contributing to our campaign - anything from $5-$2500! We are so grateful for your support.

Antonio Brinson /  author

Antonio Brinson / author

W. Brand Publishing Signs Fourth Author

Nashville, TN (November 1, 2018)– Independent book publisher, W. Brand Publishing signed its fourth author since the company’s formation, August 7, 2018. Antonio Brinson will tell his story of trials and triumphs through award-winning editor and co-author, Katara Patton.

Brinson joins Alicia Bonner Ness, Rebecca Black, and Kari Wiseman to make up the current roster. All books are set for release during Q1 and Q2 of 2019. In addition, W. Brand Publishing is promoting two self-published authors with releases in early 2019.

“We knew the stories were out there and they needed to be told. So, we focused on writers with uplifting stories that personally connected to readers. We are blessed with the opportunity to bring their stories to the public,” expressed JuLee Brand/Publisher, W. Brand Publishing, regarding the company’s early growth.

The team, consisting of Brand, entrepreneur Marilyn Whetstone/COO, and former Hachette Book Group Digital Content Director Michele McKee/Marketing & Promotion Director is creating a niche in the independent publishing industry by utilizing all media available to deliver the story. “It’s no longer acceptable to only release a paperback and eBook,” McKee states, “Using social media, blogs, and podcasts allow us to reach people who may not consider themselves ‘readers’ but will benefit from the story.”  

W. Brand Publishing is currently accepting story submissions. Writers should make initial contact through the company website or Facebook page. Self-published authors needing assistance with production and promotion should connect the same way.