our story


It all started when…

this man was born. Well, in a sense...

This was my father, the namesake of the company. He was a creative, witty man who loved to write. Though he hunt-and-pecked many well-crafted letters to newspaper editors and senators, the only manuscript he wrote was the beginnings of a book about his hometown. He loved books and reading. Being his youngest child and only girl, I thought he hung the moon...still do.

But there was a side of my dad that I'll never know - stories that will be forever lost. You see, my dad was in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. Aside from knowing the Fletcher class destroyer on the wall was his ship, I knew little else. Occasionally, there would be the "discovery" of a purple heart or other medal in a random drawer but no story was offered to accompany them. Being a self-absorbed teenager in the 80s, I never thought to ask.

And then in 1997, my dad passed away after a rough six-month battle with stomach cancer - a year before Saving Private Ryan and the epic HBO series Band of Brothers came out. What on Earth is the connection? Well, it seems this movie and this series opened the locked-tight stories WWII vets were keeping hidden - they finally felt it was OK to openly share their memories. Stories of history, heartbreak, courage, and compassion. But I would never know the stories from the one that meant the most to me - my dad.

Fast-forward to May 2018 when I lost my 99-year-old Aunt/Godmother. I love her dearly still but what I miss the most are her stories - she lived a very full, spunky life. I always thought we'd have just one more year - one more visit. And now she has no more stories and no one wrote them down.

So, perhaps now you see where Our Story started and is headed. I started this company because in my own life, I have seen far too many loved ones leave this world without leaving us much indication that they were here aside from a few photos and the hole they left in our hearts. I feel that everyone has a story and it needs to be told. Whether to carry on one's legacy or to assure other's that they are not the only ones who have gone through something heroic or tragic or amazing. Times may change but humans will always be humans. And for this reason, everyone has a story to be told.

"You only live as long as the last person to remember you."

– Ashley Stubbs, WestWorld