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An Unexpected Coddiwomple

By the time Loretto discovered the cache of WWII letters, her father had been dead almost 50 years. She’d accepted she would never know him. That changed when she decided to type his 500+ letters for her siblings. With each letter she heard her father’s voice. With each place she visited, each person she met, the 50 years without him melted away and the enduring gap that had opened between them when she was 4-years-old gradually began to close.

An Unexpected Coddiwomple takes you on a journey through a captivating collection of letters abundant with humor, intrigue, and romance, across the U.S., to the U.K., and back again. Learn from the pilot himself, “Big Sundin,” what actually happened when he ditched Heavy Date in the North Sea in 1945, saving the lives of the entire crew. Had Big Sundin not executed a “perfect ditching,” she and her 6 siblings would not have been born. Through her father’s own words, Loretto uncovers truths about her parentage that were buried with him in 1965, revealing decades of mysteries that culminate with an invitation to Buckingham Palace. It’s a story of family, duty, faith, and a life transformed. It’s a story of love.

Release date: August 6, 2019

Publisher: W. Brand Publishing

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and ebook

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Pigtails and Potter’s Field is an inspiring work of realistic fiction from Kathleen M. Urquhart portraying an Irish family and their struggle to overcome a devastating betrayal.

Spanning the United States, Ireland, and England, this dramatic story chronicles the lives of three vi­brant young women and their journeys through life, each having experienced sexual abuse as children. Overcoming great personal and emotional obstacles to achieve success in their chosen professions, a young pediatric nurse commits suicide at the height of her career.

Valerie grapples with the circumstances surround­ing her younger sister’s life as never-revealed secrets come to light exposing debauchery at a level that causes her to search for the truth and challenges her faith.

Aided by a divine revelation and shocking testimo­nies from her closest friends, Val traces the path of perversion uncovering the exploitation of a beloved family member whose own abuse as a child ripples across one ocean and two generations.

Release date: September 18, 2018

Publisher: Kathleen Urquhart

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook and Kindle

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Check out the Kathleen’s site here.


Four Colour Combat

Comic books transcend Time and Space

Regardless of one’s language or age, comic books transport the reader into the action through exciting four colour graphics.

Centered around Canadian war stories within American comic books, the comics featured in this book present a unique spirit and play a colourful role in popular culture and history storytelling.

Release date: 04/16/19

Imprint: ONBrand Books an imprint of W. Brand Publishing

Available in Paperback, eBook and Kindle

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A Daughter to Many

Andrea June was given up by her family for adoption before she was two years old. Andrea was introduced to a family that already had two boys, one of them being severely disabled. Despite Andrea’s poor health, this young family adopted her, and changed her name to Kari Ellen.

Growing up was very difficult for Kari. She wasn’t exactly the daughter her new mom hoped to have. Her father sexually abused her. By the time she was thirteen, her parents sent her away.

Peniel Christian School, a non-profit ministry, accepted troubled children from across the country and from every walk of life, ranging from criminal gang members to others simply with ADHD. This was Kari’s home for the next five years.

Living on a seventy-seven acre farm in rural Wisconsin with forty other children promised many adventures. It was at Peniel that Kari accepted Jesus as her Savior, and saw her need to forgive her dad.

Years later, Kari met her husband Drew in Nashville, Tennessee. Since they wanted to have children, researching her family history became a priority. The startling information they uncovered changed her life forever.

God’s hand was surely at work . . . He had plans for her future.

Release date: 04/30/19

Publisher: W. Brand Publishing

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle

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Purpose Power provides inspiration for action. Whether you’re itching to start a movement, in the midst of building a mission-driven brand, or rebranding an organization with a storied history, this book will inspire you to imagine new possibilities. The book explains the Heptagon Method, a seven-step framework that helps you take big ideas from ideology to action. It instructs how you can motivate your allies to become advocates for your cause. Often, when you’re focused on sparking change, the natural instinct is to rush to action. This bias toward action and against analysis paralysis—the antithesis of enthusiasm and momentum—can be a real asset for organizations motivated to make a difference. But leaders should also be wary of haphazard action leading to inconsistent results. This book clarifies the strategic sequence of action required to catalyze a movement.

Purpose Power offers a much needed message of hope: we can learn as much from our failures as from our successes and really, it’s only fun if you’re not sure it’s going to work.

Release date: 03/12/19

Imprint: ONBrand Books an imprint of W. Brand Publishing

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Kindle, and SOON on Audible

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Facing the Elephants, the personal memoir by Rebecca Black, explores her past trauma, on-going health issues including dying three times, and ending with her elective double mastectomy after finding out she had the BRCA1 gene. Through it all, she finds peace and spiritual connection with an elephant family while volunteering at the zoo.

This is Rebecca’s first book and we anxiously await her sophomore release.

Release date: 02/12/19

Publisher: W. Brand Publishing

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Kindle

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career volta

Lois Moran learned her way to the top–and with her insight and guidance–so can you. She draws upon her own career that started with working for two pharmaceutical Fortune 500 companies. After 10 years in corporate America, she made the move to the advertising side of the business. This culminated in the co-founding of a New York City-based advertising agency where she served as the CEO for 15 years. The company grew to become a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

In a 3-step process, Lois guides you through your VOLTA, a transformative turning point, where your career-life will be infused with new perspective and direction. The book culminates by giving you all the ingredients you need to create your own VOLTA career plan.

Release date: 01/08/19

Publisher: VoltaLife

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Kindle

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Find Freedom Fast is a revolutionary, 21st-century book that demonstrates how to quickly manage commonly seen mental health problems like anxiety, phobias, PTSD, and insomnia with less long-term therapy and fewer or no medications. In Find Freedom Fast, well-known psychiatrist and cognitive therapy expert, Dr. Robert T. London, outlines his LPA (Learning, Philosophizing, Action) method, a simple and effective 3-step program. LPA works by taking a focused look at the problem, challenging the thinking that caused it and learning new behaviors and strategies to find relief quickly. Find Freedom Fast also includes:

• commentary on treatment approaches today 

• proven relaxation, guided imagery, and self-hypnosis strategies 

• real-life inspired examples that show how to Learn, Philosophize, and Act to gain new perspectives and move toward positive change

If you’re looking for alternatives to expensive and lengthy talk therapy or prescription medications, Find Freedom Fast offers a breakthrough approach to empower change.

Release date: 2/11/19

Publisher: Kettlehole Publishing

Available in Paperback and Kindle

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Check out Dr. London’s site here.