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Facing the Elephants, the personal memoir by Rebecca Black, explores her past trauma, on-going health issues including dying three times, and ending with her elective double mastectomy after finding out she had the BRCA1 gene. Through it all, she finds peace and spiritual connection with an elephant family while volunteering at the zoo.

This is Rebecca’s first book and we anxiously await her sophomore release.

Facing the Elephants release date: 02/12/19

Imprint: W. Brand Publishing


Purpose Power provides inspiration for action. Whether you’re itching to start a movement, in the midst of building a mission-driven brand, or rebranding an organization with a storied history, this book will inspire you to imagine new possibilities. The book explains the Heptagon Method, a seven-step framework that helps you take big ideas from ideology to action. It instructs how you can motivate your allies to become advocates for your cause. Often, when you’re focused on sparking change, the natural instinct is to rush to action. This bias toward action and against analysis paralysis—the antithesis of enthusiasm and momentum—can be a real asset for organizations motivated to make a difference. But leaders should also be wary of haphazard action leading to inconsistent results. This book clarifies the strategic sequence of action required to catalyze a movement.

Purpose Power offers a much needed message of hope: we can learn as much from our failures as from our successes and really, it’s only fun if you’re not sure it’s going to work.

Purpose Power release date: 03/12/19

Imprint: ONBrand

career volta

Lois Moran learned her way to the top–and with her insight and guidance–so can you. She draws upon her own career that started with working for two pharmaceutical Fortune 500 companies. After 10 years in corporate America, she made the move to the advertising side of the business. This culminated in the co-founding of a New York City-based advertising agency where she served as the CEO for 15 years. The company grew to become a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

In a 3-step process, Lois guides you through your VOLTA, a transformative turning point, where your career-life will be infused with new perspective and direction. The book culminates by giving you all the ingredients you need to create your own VOLTA career plan.

Career Volta release date: 01/08/19

Publisher: VoltaLife