Frequently asked questions

I'm already a Self-Published Author but have no idea how to promote my book. Do you help authors who have already published? We do! We can look at what you have done for promotion and your platform and come up with a successful campaign to get your the sales you desire.

I've never written anything before, can you help me? Absolutely! We have developmental editors, ghostwriters, and advisors that can help you tell your story.

I have a finished manuscript but need a cover and interior designed. Help? We have an award-winning book cover designer on call to create a great cover that fits the book genre and your audience.

I want to self-publish my book under my own publishing company but have no idea how to edit, design, and promote my book. Can you help me even though I only have a rough manuscript? We can help you through the whole process. We have editors and proofreaders to polish your story and designers to give it a professional look. We will promote your book in various ways to meet your goals.

I've already published my book myself but my sales are lacking. Is there anything you can do to help? Of course! We have suggestions how to get your book back into market and increase your sales.

please see the author resource page for informative links.