W. Brand Publishing believes in the importance of giving back as much as we believe in the importance of stories. We give a percentage of our net profits to non-profits and companies dear to us and to our authors. Here are some of the companies we believe in and support. We will keep adding more periodically so we can keep paying it forward.


We love these socks! With the buy one/give one model like Tom’s this was a perfect incentive for us to try and become hooked on this brand. And they now have T-Shirts!

Here’s a blurb from their site: When we first learned that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, we knew we had to do something. We started Bombas to make an impact on our community by donating a pair of socks for every pair we sold, and continue that philosophy of thoughtful giving towards each clothing item we make. No matter what it is, one purchased = one donated.

Check them out for yourself.

During pursuit of my MFA, I had the pleasure of meeting Laresa, the founder of PolyBlox. She is an amazing woman and this is a fantastic teaching tool. We support all she does to expand on their product line!

From the PolyBlox website: The Polyblox, also known as The Ultimate Spelling Experience, is a fun and unique educational toy product. Our spelling totems are tactile and integrate upper and lower case letters, contextual pictures, sign language (ASL), Braille, and numbers that correlate to the letters to aid in sequencing the alphabet. Our totems have varying levels of difficulty, and our mobile app and website is being designed to engage and enrich each visitor by providing an interactive experience.

Check out the full website here


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The mission of St. Jude’s is to help all sick children no matter of race or income. Their research and care for children is a great testament to helping others out of humanity not greed. We love hearing the heart-felt stories from the children and parents. We support their research and their caring for these families.

Check out St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital here

branded collective

Branded Collective is a jewelry company that gives another chance to individuals who are survivors of human trafficking by providing professional development and support. Their jewelry lines keep expanding as do the number of people they empower. Check out their company below.

Check out Branded Collective here

giving keys

Giving Keys supports Los Angeles homeless by using proceeds from the sale of their products to create jobs and help them transition into a new life.

Check out Giving Keys’ site here


The ultimate BOGO–this time the “get one” goes to those in need. Every product you buy, they give another to people in need in over six continents.

Check out TOMS here

phoenix rising

Startup Phoenix Rising, created by Melissa Barker, provides immediate trauma relief using tools and resources through an app.

Find out more and donate to her project here.